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Reclaim Your Life From Illness, Disability, Pain or Fatigue

Brand: Five Areas
Product Code: LCBTB-009
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Your life ... is more important than your illness. Would you like it back? Even if you are bed-bound, depressed, chronically fatigued, or unable to see or get about, this book will help.

If you've had a diagnosis that frightens you - that might even feel like a death sentence - or if you're struggling after years of impaired mobility, we have a way to help you feel a bit better each day.

- Cancer Disability
- Chronic Pain
- ME
- Fatigue
- Recurring illness
- Unexplained symptoms
- Depression
- MS
- Stroke
- Sight impairment
- Poor mobility

... this book is for you.

A new double length book in the LLTTF book series.
64 pages long with 16 illustrations

Double length books contain "all you need" in one self-contained book