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About Us

The LLTTF shop sells a range of physical and emotional wellbeing resources you might want to use in your own life, it includes a range of smaller and larger books, audio and DVD resources, worksheets and more to suit how you want to work.

There are also range of free online courses to support your use of these resources listed below which are run by our sister company Five Areas Ltd.

If you are a Supporter/Practitioner who wishes to use our licenced life skills classes or online resources, please visit to find out about various practitioner resources or visit

What are Five Areas and Living Life resources?

Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT) is an evidence based talking therapy that can help common problems such as stress, low mood, panic, phobias and more. The Living Life to the Full approach was developed by Dr Chris Williams and aims to provide an easily understood and applied range of life skills courses based on the CBT approach.

The Living Life to the Full approach encourages people to think about the impact on symptoms on five key areas of their life - their thoughts, feelings, physical symptoms, and behaviour/activity levels together with looking at the impact of the people and events around them. It is one of the most used CBT models in the world with award winning websites and books.

A range of research studies plus linked research studies have been published.

Other Five Areas sites: (General Public) the award winning free access Living Life to the Full course, teaches key life skills that make a difference. : for people facing stress/low mood who also attend churches. : helping people struggling with long-term physical health conditions such as fatigue and pain. : a life skills course for those struggling with bingeing, vomiting and bulimic-style symptoms. : where to find out various Kindle and Apple e-books.


Supporter/Practitioner resources:

Visit : providing an overview of our licenced classes and online resources for licences (classes and online). : to book a supporter/practitioner training course.

Why our products and services work (Evidence Base)
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About the author:

Dr Chris Williams is emeritus professor of Psychosocial Psychiatry at the University of Glasgow and is Past President of the British Association for Behavioural and Cognitive Psychotherapies – the lead body for CBT in the UK. He is an award winning author and is Director of Five Areas and Five Areas Ltd.




We now have appointed an authorised distributor in Canada.
The Canadian Mental Health Association- BC Division now sells our resources across Canada.

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