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Are You Strong Enough To Keep Your Temper? 2nd Edition

Brand: Five Areas
Product Code: LCBTB-007
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Anger affects us all. Do you, a partner, child or friend struggle with their temper.

Being angry and "letting it all out" can sometimes feel like it helps - but it never really helps for long. Being angry can sometimes feel like we are being strong and in control.

In fact the reverse is true.

Losing control backfires all round - for the person, and for those around them.

Learn proven and effective steps to gain control over anger:
- It's weak to stay and argue
- Knowing your buttons - what gets you going?
- Know your early warning system
- Know where the escape hatches are
- What's in it for me?
(32 pages) Publisher: Five Areas. 1st May 2008. ISBN: 978-1-906564-06-3 (five colour figures)

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