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Key Facts: How To Make The Little Books Work Better

Brand: Five Areas
Product Code: F-002
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Resource Information
15 hot tips to get the most out of self-help resources such as the LLTTF course, Overcoming depression and low mood, or the little LLTTF books.

This electronic download contains a title page and 3 short strips of key points which can be printed off. Together they may ideal bookmarks - or alternatively flash cards to stick on walls, next to the computer or place on the fridge!

Also supplements the key point reminders in the automatic LLTTF reminders sent free if you subscribe to them at (free membership)

Based on the "Write all over your bathroom mirror" book - this provides a short summary of the key points identified in that book. We recommend using it alongside this book (available from the LLTTF new series booklets tab on the home page).