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10 Things You Can Do To Feel Happier Straight Away 2nd Edition

Brand: Five Areas
Product Code: LCBTB-001
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This little book can change your life, Follow it's simple practical advice and you'll be happier, fitter,

and maybe even slimmer soon!

What's more you'll start to appreciate the world and be able to see the positive side of life everyday.

You may also get through quite a lot of bananas.

All that in a 30 odd pages? Of course - that's what happens when you get straight to the point.

Discover how to give yourself a boost with:

1. The Escalator Business
2. The Banana Thing
3. Put on Your WOW Glasses
4. You Old Smoothie
5. Doing Porridge
6. Heavy Breathing
7. Make A Note of This
8. Take One Away
9. Help!
10. The Happy List

Published by Five Areas
ISBN: 978-1-906564-08-7 (32 pages, 11 illustrations)