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Anxiety Control Training: ACT1 (Female voice) MP3 format

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Anxiety Control Training Session 1 (ACT 1) (Female voice)

Anxiety Control Training (ACT) is a self-help relaxation method that was designed by Dr Philip Snaith at the University of Leeds to enable people to learn control over anxiety. Anxiety is a condition that is very common and few people allow themselves the time to begin to overcome it.

The approach will only work if the person wishes to learn the skill of controlling anxiety and is prepared to work at it steadily and regularly over several weeks. There are no shortcuts to learning this new skill. It is therefore very important that you make up your mind whether you want to apply yourself to learn to control your anxiety in this way, Ultimately it is only through practice that improvement will occur.

Recommended by Times Online as a key Kit bag resource for people with phobias

This high quality recording in MP3 format will play on many portable recorders/computers - please check your player can play these files. Jenny Farrish - a television presenter - narrates the ACT session. Jenny has a lovely and relaxing voice which is perfect for ACT. The recording helps you practice how to relax your body and move your mind to a state of calm control.

This resource is an electronic download. When your order is completed you will be sent a link to allow you to download it - Please note the link is active for only 10 days.

Related resources: Please also download the free Guide to using ACT in the Free resources area
Find out more about ACT in the website

What next?: After a few weeks you may also wish to move on to the ACT 2 sessions- which move the relaxation on a step further. Find out more in the ACT 2 description in the audio downloads section.

Important information: Some people find that trying to relax causes them to stress. If you find this to be the case, we suggest you stop using the approach and discuss other treatment options with your own doctor.

Anxiety Control Training was developed by a past colleague of Dr Williams, Dr Philip Snaith. All profits from this download are donated to the charity Triumph over Phobia (TOP-UK)

Please note: this digital resource is for personal or clinical use by you yourself alone. If you are a clinician the ACT files can be copied and given freely to the clients you work with.

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If nothing happens:
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2). Some computers (not many these days but some NHS computers deliberately do this) may not have sound cards or speakers fitted. In which case again either use another e.g. home computer, or speak to your IT department
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